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What is a Gendex file?

A Gendex file is a text file with an excerpt from a genealogy file. From the persons in the family tree it contains only the following data:

  • Person URL (only the for each person unique part)
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Birth date
  • Place of birth
  • Death date
  • Place of death

A Gendex file contains no data about the relations between persons, it is much smaller than a Gedcom file and it contains information about the address of the page where each person can be found. Therefore it is ultimately suited to submit your family tree to

A Gendex file looks like this:

person URL|SURNAME|First Name /SURNAME/|Birth date|Place of birth|Death date|Place of death|


page.htm#001|JOHNSON|John /JOHNSON/|30 JAN 1830|London|14 DEC 1899|New York|
page.htm#002|JOHNSON|Peter /JOHNSON/|21 APR 1831|New York|09 AUG 1861|New York|

How do I get a Gendex file?

Some software that export static HTML pages, at the same time export a Gendex file that is placed then in the same folder as the HTML files. Some of these programs do so always, others only when this option is activated by the user. Consult the documentation of you software for more information.

The PHP script TNG also can export Gendex files. Go to the admin area, then to 'Secondary Processes' and click on 'Create GENDEX'. If you want to submit a Gendex file to, you can create one Gendex file for each family tree. But you can also create and submit 1 Gendex file for all trees in your database.

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