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Can I let my visitors search via, without them leaving my website?

Yes, you can. You can show search results from at your own website. This is especially useful when you use static HTML-pages on your website, for example exported from Legacy, Ged2html, Ged2www, Ged4web or an other program.. Then your visitors don't have to browse through alfabetical indexes anymore.

The search results are automaticly shown in the layout of your site. At the bottom a link will be shown to And visitors who want to see more than 250 search results will from result 251 be linked to Only the first 250 search results are shown on your website, but in most cases that is more than enough.

For an example, see here:

If you want to use this function, then go to the page Edit your data and klik on the button 'Create a search function for your website'.

If you haven't done so yet, then first submit you family tree wesbite at

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TIP: a search function for your own website.

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