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1   Elizabeth SPENCE
2   Columbus Wilkson SPENCE
3   Sarah Paige SPENCE
Tupelo, Lee Co., MS 1996-1996 Tupelo, Lee Co., MS
4   Benjamin James SPENCE
5   Mary E. SPENCE
Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States 1844-1917 Mill Village, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
6   David George SPENCE
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada 1926-1989 (St. Joseph's Hospital) Peterborough, Ontario
7   Edith J SPENCE
Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Cana 1885-        
8   Ethel C SPENCE
Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Cana 1881-        
9   George H SPENCE
Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Cana 1883-1975 (St. Joseph's Hospital) Peterborough, Ontario
10   Mary M SPENCE
Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Cana 1888-        
11   Robert John Percy SPENCE
Canada 1878-1947 Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
12   Samuel S SPENCE
Ontario, Canada 1849-1931 Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
13   Amy Phillips SPENCE
14   Nellie SPENCE
15   Vergie M. SPENCE
Pennsylvania, USA 1891-        
16   John SPENCE
Burt Inch & Fahan, County Donegal, Ireland 1868-1947 Crieff, Perthshire
17   Eliza SPENCE
Carnagh, Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK 1879-1923 Hockley, Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK
18   Virginia SPENCE
19   Ella SPENCE
Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA 1873-1957 Altoona Hospital, Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania, US
20   Isabell SPENCE
of, Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire, Scotland 1619-        
21   Isabella Moffat SPENCE
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1873-        
22   Jane SPENCE
of, New South Wales, Australia 1836-1889 Woolongong, New South Wales, Australia
23   William SPENCE
of, Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland 1704-        
24   Willilam SPENCE
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1883-        
25   William J. SPENCE

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