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Family Tree Search Engine is a genealogy search engine. You can search for persons in family trees on the internet. These family trees now all make one big database. And when you click on a persons name in the search results, you are linked through immediately to the family tree web page with the genealogical data about this person.

Searching via is more effective than searching via normal search engines.

  • Family trees are indexed completely.
  • You can search by given names, surname, year of birth and place of birth.
  • You can search in all family trees together, confine your search to one family tree or exclude one family tree from the search results.
  • You can subscribe to new search results.

You can start searching for genealogy data immediately via the search form at the top of this page. is FREE and will always remain FREE!

Your Family Tree Searchable here? is specifically meant for family tree owners who want to publish their family trees by themselves and who don't want to give their whole genealogical data collection to a third party. only indexes a so called Gendex file that remains on your own server. Each name in the search results will link directly to the family tree page of your website with the genealogical information about this person. So, won't show off with your ancestral data, but brings visitors there where you want them: at your own family tree website.

Click here for more information about making your family tree searchable here.

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