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The webmaster of does not accept any responsibility for the information offered on this website. The individuals who submitted their family tree data are completely responsible for the data they submitted.

The webmaster of neither accepts any responsibility for the content of websites linked to from this website or linking to this website.

Neither does the webmaster of accept responsibility for any damage you could possible get by using or the here offered information.

The addresses of the submitted Gendex files are protected as good as possible and are given to no one. also indexes Gendex files that are not submitted, but that can be easily found on the internet. assumes that these files are explicitly meant to be indexed. But then always the most strict privacy filter is used. Persons born after 1916 without a death date and persons without a birth date and a deat date are not indexed.

All this can be seen as the same thing conventional search engines do. They also index websites without asking for permission. Who doesn't want them to do so, has to tell them himself.

More information can be found in the FAQ-section.


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