Search Help

Tools offers some useful tools that you can use for free.

Your Browser's Search Bar

Modern browsers have a search bar from where you can search directly via several search engines. You can also add to this search bar.

A button for the Google Toolbar

To the Google Toolbar you can add a button that you can use to search directly from the Google Toolbar in You can use the search box of the Google Toolbar but it is also possible to select a surname on any website and then use your right mouse button to search on that surname in

A search function for your website

You can show search results from on your own website. In this way you can let your visitors search in your family tree via, without the need for them to leave your site. This search function is easy to install.

Search Results in XML

The search results from are also available in XML. So you can use them in several applications. For more information, contact us.

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