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Why can I only search on names, years and places of birth?

There are two reasons for this:

  • respects the copyright of the family tree owners and therefore wants the visitors to have the need to visit the family tree websites.
  • The less data, the faster the searching works.

Can I use the searchbar of my browser to search at

Yes, you can. Click here to add to the searchbar.

For how to use it, see the search help.

When I click on a persons name in the search results, sometimes I get a login form.

Some family tree owners protect their family tree data. You have to get an account with them and login first before you can see the data. When you have done that, you can without any problems click from to the person data on that website. For more instructions see the concerning site.

I have encountered data that violate my copyright or privacy. How can I let this data be deleted?

The data are the responsibility of the owners of the websites to where the search results link. If you want data to be deleted, you need to contact the owner of the concerning website.

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